There is nothing worse than accidentally dropping your coffee pot

If you buy a pot on Ebay, then make sure your seller knows how to properly pack a coffee pot and buy shipping insurance. You might want to choose a reputable company to ship your coffee pot since they are so fragile. Best thing to do is keep your pot safe at all costs!.Replacing Your Coffee Pot

If you are a coffee lover like I am, then you know there is nothing worse than accidentally dropping your coffee pot! If I haven't had my morning cup yet, then you shouldn't even bother talking to me. If I were to break it, my husband would hear only whining until a new coffee pot safely reached my machine. Watch over the first pot of coffee that you make to ensure that everything is working well. You can find a pot online, but it may take awhile to end up at your doorstep. If I accidentally broke my pot before my morning java, I'd be in tears for sure.

That was in the days before the Internet, but now it is even easier. I didn't really understand it at the time because I wasn't such a big coffee drinker. Once a friend's pot broke and she flipped out.

Although it is easier than it used to be to find a coffee pot replacement for a variety of different coffee makers, it still make take awhile to get to you. Throw out my TV, short circuit my laptop, but please don't break my coffee pot. I helped her search at over six stores until she found one that fit her machine. You need to the exact pot if you have the kind of coffee maker that pauses for you.

You can search and find a pot in a local store, but it can be a pain. We didn't get the right one till we searched out a tiny mom and pop store. You don't want an accident with your new pot! Getting the exact model for your machine is the best option, but it can be tricky.
by papercups | 2017-07-20 10:36