During the summer or spring season

As an example, you can place order to the local bakery or ice cream parlor to place a booth at the outside of the event and offer free cupcakes or ice cream cones. You can tie up with regional sport materials companies which will provide all the sports gears like mini basketballs, baseball caps and plan dodgeball and kickball games as well as obstacle games and three-legged races.. When it comes to promote other restaurants in the locality, you can promote non-food business. Booking the whole package of Brazil World Cup Hospitality can be your best bet. You can organize event at banquet hall or hotel to celebrate the classy occasion or host a concert at apple orchard or Christmas tree farm if weather is favorable. As an example, offer gift bags that are full of coupons and promotional items of other companies that are participating. So, keep in mind these ideas in your mind to entertain your potential customers. In this event, you can give achievement awards to your hard-working and excellent employees and send gift certificates to their home they can redeem for discounts on signature items of the company. Send postal mail or email to your regular customers to invite them for the event and impress your new and future customers.

Family Night Out

During the summer or spring season, you can enhance morale of employee by sponsoring night show of the movie to your employee and his family. You can also plan Field Day and invite them to participate. You can also host a movie night at your nearest park by setting up a projector and rent a snow cone machine or popcorn for refreshment while watching the film. Offer incentives to party guests on consultation booking in your business. You can make your event even more entertaining with dunking booth and face painting for all ages of people. In this event, you can showcase their tasty treats from your restaurants or catering company. You may also invite a celebrity if your event goes popular every year. This is smart idea to involve other businesses in your desired are.

Sports Event

This is the best option to give very delightful treat to your customers and colleagues.Whether you have an employment or running business of your own, you may want to plan and organize office parties and entertainment events for clients who are always working as an active marketing medium and you may want to make next party even more rocking than before.

Block Party

In your office park or any other park in your neighborhood, you can organize a block party.


Organize a concert which features musicians and singers for getting your staff and customers in a holiday spirit and ask the singers to sing their Christmas carols. All you have to sponsor them tickets for any sporting event where various hockey, cricket, basketball or rugby teams are competing from your state. Give prices like free promotional merchandises, free services or items to cheer the winners. You can offer transportation facility to the colleagues and pick up kraft paper cups facilities to them from event and take them out for dinner after the event and take help of Six Nations Hospitality.

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